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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nurse Opportunities Job In Kuwait Oil Petroleum

Kuwait is one of Rich oil sources country places in Middle East that have is being running of country development. They still need more vacancy for Expatriat who post in government and private. One of them is in Petroleum Oil Company. Kuwait Have many Oil company including KNPC, KOC, who announce to any nurses who want to join with them. They need nurses who have experience more than 5 years and preferably nurse who have experience work in industry, or mining field. Even you don't have it experience you can try also, that importance is experience more than 5 years, English wrote and spoke and will be perfect if you are have Arabic skill language even you don't understanding Arabic it's no matter.
Requirement you have be done are:
  • Diploma Nurse or BSN
  • Preferably male nurses
  • Nurse Certificate
  • CV
  • Email address for contact person
  • ACLS and ATLS preferably if you have
Benefits and Advatange are:
  • Salary between KD 600 up to KD700(Around $1800 up to $2100)
  • Free Accommodation
  • Free transport
  • Biannual leave a year
  • Bonus income in a year
If you are nurse who qualified, please send your application by Online to KNPC or KOC


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