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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Nursing Job Vacancies In Japan

Japan is small country with many interesting places for holiday. The area as geography
are 377,864 sq. km. (145,902 sq. mi.); slightly smaller than California. The capital city is Tokyo divided into several cities such as Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kobe, Kyoto, Fukuoka. Japan has terrain with rugged and mountains island with beautiful sight to visiting. The weather is divided into four distinct season. The weather can get very hot during the summer months, particularly in the South. May, June and July are the wettest months, and June, July and August are hotter and more humid. In the south winters are cool but sunny, but as one moves further north temperatures drop and snow falls. The island of Hokkaido in the far north of Japan is bitterly cold in the winter, with snow guaranteed (Japan Official Website).

With the condition described above Japan is nice place for your settle, so why didn't think travel to Japan. At that moment Japan offering many Nurses and caregivers to be work in Japan with huge salary and best accommodation. They made joint venture with two Asian countries and will accept 400 Nurses up From Indonesia and 600 Nurses from Philippines (sources The quote will cover an initial period two years.

It is a good info for Nurses who looking Jobs, but you have to be preparing before travel to Japan such as Japan Language capability is main require beside English skill communication, experiences more than 2 years. You will be placed in Government Hospitals and Clinics (see details in MOH Japan).
Starting right now to Learning Japan Language to preparing your success in the next.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Health Jobs In Indonesia

Indonesia is being development country in many section which offered many chances to build business or job vacancies. Many department need more skillful include technician, lecturer, Health provider, doctor, nurses and other health provider such as laboratory technician, x-ray technician, sanitarian. Even though many Indonesian go abroad it is not indicated if Indonesia didn't need employees. Many big company established in Indonesia like Freeport, Mining Industry, Telecommunication,Oil Industry, Rubber Industry, Garment Industry, shipping, Air Line Company, Automotive assembly, they need more skillful employees to be place in these Industry. Indonesia is need expert people to handle in many sector and recruit many foreigner employees.

This is chance for who are you if you are eligible to posting in sharp position you will get good job in Indonesia. In Health Jobs many good Hospital in Indonesia such as National Cardiovascular Center Harapan Kita Jakarta, Siloam Hospitals West Jakarta, Kariadi Hospital Semarang Central of java, International Bali Hospital, Surabaya International Hospital, and many private clinic they still welcome for applicant who eligible please apply thorough by your agencies or email. Indonesia still need more Health provider from USA, Canada, Australia, British or elsewhere.

If you are interest work and life in Indonesia, try to apply, there is no difficult require or other procedure, it's simply. You can also make any business in Indonesia especially in Health Business is still welcome to accepted.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nurse Opportunities Job In Kuwait Oil Petroleum

Kuwait is one of Rich oil sources country places in Middle East that have is being running of country development. They still need more vacancy for Expatriat who post in government and private. One of them is in Petroleum Oil Company. Kuwait Have many Oil company including KNPC, KOC, who announce to any nurses who want to join with them. They need nurses who have experience more than 5 years and preferably nurse who have experience work in industry, or mining field. Even you don't have it experience you can try also, that importance is experience more than 5 years, English wrote and spoke and will be perfect if you are have Arabic skill language even you don't understanding Arabic it's no matter.
Requirement you have be done are:
  • Diploma Nurse or BSN
  • Preferably male nurses
  • Nurse Certificate
  • CV
  • Email address for contact person
  • ACLS and ATLS preferably if you have
Benefits and Advatange are:
  • Salary between KD 600 up to KD700(Around $1800 up to $2100)
  • Free Accommodation
  • Free transport
  • Biannual leave a year
  • Bonus income in a year
If you are nurse who qualified, please send your application by Online to KNPC or KOC

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Opportunities Health Jobs In Lebanon

Lebanon is one of country that being Reconstruction after attacked by Israel . Many building was destroyed by Israel when they attack to Lebanon. After conflict was reduce, the government taking part to reconstruction many government building or private. They need more employees to be attended to reconstruction building, sources of human development and many health employees. Many health employees that they need such as Nurses, Laboratory Technician, Doctor, Environmental Health & Safety hopefully to join with Lebanon Government.
The following Job details and benefits that they are offering are:
  1. Nurses
  2. They offered salary estimated $1000-$1200, Just Visit Here to apply
  3. Environmental Health & Safety
  4. They offered salary estimated $55000.00 - $65000.00 /Year.Apply Here
  5. Physician Job
  6. Just Visit Here to apply
  7. Laboratory Technician
  8. Visit Here
Choose one of vacant do you looking for.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nurse Jobs In USA

Searching for jobs is most important for new graduated Nurses Student, almost every year University, college and other academic have more new Nurses graduated and it's mean looking for new jobs is needed. Job seeker around the world try to take competitive to get Opportunities Jobs chance, but sometimes they can not get good jobs caused by low of capabilities and skill. If you are nurses want to go to USA, British, Ireland, Canada, Australia you have to preparing your NCLEX, IELTS, TOEFL, and other certificate. You have to hard learning and may be need more one year take any Course, but don't worry, if you didn't have any skill you already have experience more than 5 years please try apply opportunities nurse jobs in Middle East, because Middle East still need more nurses will be place in many Government. Don't be lazy and good luck. try to apply, event first time you have been failed but next time you will be success

Here some site will help you to find nurses jobs in USA, just look at which Site do you like and try to apply On-Line below:

    Brief Quoited from this site
    Welcome to the Best Nurse Jobs web site for Nurses. Take advantage of our state of the art Nurse Job board where you can view nursing job listings, and apply directly to Hospitals, Medical Centers, private practices or even browse through thousands of Nursing Jobs listed by Travel and permanent nurse recruitment companies. We have job listings for Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners all the way through to nurse jobs for LPN/LVN's and CNA's.
    Place your resume online today and let a dream nursing job come to you.

    Brief Quoited from this site
    Adevia is not an agency. We are a mentoring service and recruitment company that assists qualified nurses with meeting all of the requirements to nurse in the USA.

    Nurse Options USA is a Healthcare Personnel Sourcing Service that services the nursing industry. We source Registered Nurse and Nursing Management candidates for permanent jobs/employment, temporary jobs/employment, and travel jobs/employment throughout the USA.

    Brief Quoited from this site
    Are you a nurse? Have we got the job for you!
    Nurses123 helps you:

    • Find open positions at top facilities nationwide

    • Research healthcare facilities throughout the United States

    • Earn top salaries and superior benefits.

    Brief Quoited from this site
    O'Grady Peyton International is one of the most experienced recruiters of international healthcare professionals and U.S.-based nurses in the industry. For more than 25 years, O’Grady Peyton International has provided long-term assignments and travel assignments to thousands of registered nurses and allied health professionals from the UK, Ireland, Australia and many other countries. Whether you’re looking to go to America, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom or are a nurse working in the U.S., we’ve got nursing jobs to fit your career goals and lifesty

    Brief Quoited from this site
    NurseFindersUK is a Recruitment Agency that specialises in nursing jobs and health care vacancies in America.

    We have the following USA nursing jobs and health care vacancies:

    • Elderly care Nursing Jobs

    • Mental Health Nursing Jobs

    • Learning disabilities Nursing Jobs

    • Nursing Home Nursing Jobs

Choose ones if you are interest.

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